Competitive Team Placement 2022/2023

The studio is holding placement classes for all dancers who wish to have the opportunity to perform with the studio at competitions in Spring 2023.

Placement auditions allow for our staff to determine a dancer’s technical abilities and whether they are ready to go beyond the recital performance and represent the studio at competitions.  Auditions help us place dancers within the routine groupings best suited for their level, age or dance style and also help determine solo, duet/trio and small group routines for the season.

How to Audition:

Please fill out the audition form and submit prior to auditioning.  The Google form will automatically email the office upon submission.

On the day of your audition/placement class please have your dancer arrive 15 mins early to stretch.
Dancers should wear appropriate dance attire and appropriate dance shoes and have their hair off their face in a ponytail or bun.
The audition class will be taught by an instructor who will direct several exercises and teach a short dance combination that the dancers will perform as a full group and in smaller groups.




Audition Dates:

**Please note: An audition fee of $15.00 per class is required for each audition/placement class.

Tuesday June 21st 2022
4:45–5:30pm – Co C:  Tap (Ages 8-12)
5:30–6:15pm – Co B:  Hip Hop (Ages 10-14)
6:15–7:00pm – Co B:  Contemporary (Ages 10-14)

Thursday June 23rd 2022
5:00–6:00pm – Co B:  Jazz (Ages 10-14)
6:00–7:00pm – Co A & B:  Tap (Ages 12-14 & 14+)
7:00–8:00pm – Co A:  Jazz (Ages 14+)
8:00–9:00pm – Co A:  Contemporary (Ages 14+)

Tuesday June 28th 2022
5:00–6:00pm – Co B & C:  Acro (Ages 7-10 & 11-14)
6:00–7:00pm – Co C:  Jazz & Musical Theatre (Ages 7-11)

Thursday June 30th 2022
5:00-5:45pm – Co A & B Musical Theatre (Ages 12-14 & 14+)
5:45-6:45pm – Co A:  Hip Hop (Ages 14+)
5:45-7:00pm – Co B Lyrical & Ballet (Ages 10-14)
7:00-8:15pm – Co A Lyrical & Ballet (Ages 14+)

** If your child is under the age of 7 and would like to compete please let us know and we will arrange an audition.

About The 2023 Competition Season at Arcade Dance Arts:

  • We may be increasing the number of competitions we attend to 3 competitions in  2023.  Competitions typically run between late February through to mid May. The number of competitions that a group or solo/duet/trio attends will be determine however on a case by case basis and can be adjusted if all participants in a routine wish to attend more or less events.
  • The majority of our dancers compete at Level 1 or Pre-Competitive (dancers who train less than 6 hrs/week)
  • Competition fees are required by the competitions and are approximately $100 per group routine and additionally for solos, duets/trios the fees are higher as there are less participants in these arrangements.
  • Additional costume costs will apply for groups, solos, duets, trios and other additional routines.  Costume costs have increased and will be a minimum charge of $100 per costume starting this season.  We may also choose to reuse some costumes from previous seasons in some scenarios.
  • Competitive rehearsals will be 15-30 minutes weekly and scheduled adjacent to the regular class in the style in which dancers must already be enrolled.  Dancers must attend longer once a month rehearsals scheduled on either a Friday or Sunday at the end of each month for the months of October, November, December, January, February & March.
    Example:  Co C Tap competitive dancers must be enrolled in the 45 minute Tap class of their age and level and then will stay for an additional 15 minutes after class weekly to learn and rehearse their competitive group choreography.  Then once a month they will be expected to attend a 45 minute to 1 hour rehearsal to help complete and polish their choreography.
  • Some enrolment requirements must be met in order to compete in certain styles.   Acro dancers must be enrolled in a regular weekly Acro class and one other dance class.  We highly recommend they take Stretch & Strength, Jazz or Ballet.  Contemporary and Lyrical dancers must be enrolled in Ballet.  Jazz dancers must be enrolled in either Stretch & Strength or Ballet class.